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Causes and Symptoms of White Spots on Tonsils

Causes of White Spots on Tonsils: Our tonsils are gland like structures at the back part of the throat.
The tonsils help catch bacteria and viruses that are present in our mouth and therefore prevent them from causing any infection.
On the surface of these tonsils we have divots or small pockets known as tonsil crypts.
The soft tissue lining of these tonsil crypts mix with saliva.
Since saliva contains digestive enzymes, trapped food in the tonsil crypts begins to break down.
The starch or carbohydrates part of the food melts away combining with mucus and bacteria.
This then becomes concentrated, hardens and calcify to form a tonsil stone.
Another term used for this condition is cryptic tonsils, as these stones take root in tonsil crypts.
Cryptic tonsils stones are usually small in size but may even be large in size.
They are also seen as white spots on tonsils at the back of throat if one were to use a flashlight to look closely.
This white debris gives the feeling of something being stuck there.
Tonsil stones or tonsiliths are therefore any combination of the following: ooral bacteria ohyperactive salivary glands omucus deposits oTrapped food Bad breathe: Now cryptic tonsils is a major factor for your bad breathe, but if you have bad breathe that doesn't necessarily mean you have cryptic tonsils.
Even after brushing our teeth after meals and using mouthwash, the bad rotten egg odour tends to come back to our mouth after an hour or so.
This is because the tonsil stone that continues to develop strengthens the odour of your breath.
Symptoms of White Spots on Tonsils: Smaller stones may bring no effect to your life, larger tonsil stones will bring a certain level of negativity to your life, the more known symptoms of tonsil stones that you can do a self-check on are below: oFoul Smell: Larger stones are prone to emitting foul smell and this eventually causes bad breathe (technically referred to as Halitosis).
The foul breath could be a sign that a person is affected with cryptic tonsils.
In general if sulphur compounds are present in the individual's breath it could be a good indication that the person has tonsil stones.
However( as mentioned earlier) bad breath alone can not be attributed to tonsiliths/tonsil stones but it can be one of the reasons.
oWhite-yellowish spots/lumps seen at back of throat oUsually comes with tonsil infection oSore throat which could be accompanied with swallowing difficulties oBad taste at the back of throat or roof of mouth oSwollen Tonsils tonsils due to inflammation oEar pain or itch: These stones may also cause ear ache due to the connected nerve ways.

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