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How to Make Swarovski Candy Cane Earrings

    • 1). Place a red bicone crystal onto the head pin. Next place a white bicone crystal onto the head pin. Continue alternating red and white until approximately 3/8-inch of the head pin remains uncovered.

    • 2). Shape the end of the head pin into a small loop with the round nose pliers. Grasp the end of the head pin and twist it around the rounded tip of the pliers until the end of the wire comes back around in a circle. Push the end of the wire into the bead closest to the loop.

    • 3). Open a jump ring with the pliers and slip it over the head pin between the third and fourth beads from the other end of the headpin. Leave the jump ring open.

    • 4). Insert the loop of an ear wire through the open jump ring. Close the jump ring around the loop of the ear wire, taking care to ensure you close the jump ring tightly.

    • 5). Bend the ear wire into a candy cane shape at the point where you connected the jump ring.

    • 6). Repeat steps one through five to make a second candy cane earring that is identical to the first earring.

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