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Advantages of Paper Collections for Recycling


    • Using raw materials to make paper results in 73% more pollution than making paper from recycled materials. One ton of recycled paper will conserve the amount of electricity required to sustain a medium-sized household for a year's time.

    Consumption Reduction

    • Often found in offices, collections of single-sided pages printed from the computer or photocopier that are marked for recycling encourage people to use the blank side of these sheets for scratch paper, avoiding having to use a brand new sheet.


    • Through programs such as "Recycle Bank," paper accumulated by a household can earn reward points and coupons that can be redeemed at participating retailers on products from brands such as Kraft.

    Cost Reduction

    • By having an organized system for collecting and recycling used paper, companies and businesses can significantly reduce their spending on waste disposal.

    Public Image

    • Businesses that make it a point to implement a system of paper collections for recycling and make these efforts visible to the public, are likely to gain recognition within the community for their contribution.

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