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How to Insulate a Metal Garage Door Easily

    • 1). Walk to one of the small squares on the inside of the garage door. Place a tape measure at the top of the square and measure down to the bottom. Divide the number in half and draw a pencil mark at the center point. Repeat the process measuring from the left to the right side to ensure the pencil mark is perfectly centered. Erase and remark the panel if needed.

    • 2). Cut off a 1-inch long piece of double-sided adhesive, usually supplied with the garage door insulation material. Peel the protective backing off of one side and stick it firmly over the center pencil mark.

    • 3). Repeat the process to mark the center of each remaining square and place a piece of adhesive on each.

    • 4). Peel off the protective backing from each piece of adhesive and press a retaining clip into the center of each. Retaining clips vary by shape, but all have a small bracket on the front.

    • 5). Measure the width and the height of each door panel located in between the metal tracks. Measure all the way from the floor to the top of the door. Add 1 inch to both the height and the width measurements.

    • 6). Unroll the insulation material on the floor with the backing side down and transfer the measurement of one door panel onto it with the tape measure. Cut the insulation to size using a utility knife.

    • 7). Pick up the insulation and turn it so the backing faces the inside of the garage. Press it firmly against the garage door panel tucking in the sides to hold it in place.

    • 8). Feel the insulation material to locate the underlying clips. Cut a small "x" in the material using the utility knife and press the material around the clips. Insert the top of the clip over the base to hold the insulation panel in place securely.

    • 9). Repeat the process to install insulation in all of the remaining panels of the garage door.

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