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Political Parties Target the Newest American Citizens

Political parties and candidates are trying to gather the votes of new US citizens. A report from the US census data states that 6 percent of the voting population comprises of new US citizens. President Obama has been sending people to the naturalization ceremonies and to areas surrounding Miami where a lot of immigrants live, to canvass and to register people to vote.

However, Republicans hope that their candidates Ricky Gill and Abel Maldonado, can draw the attention of 9 percent of the immigrant voters in California, by talking about the journeys of their families from India and Mexico.

Candidates from both the parties are targeting people like Georgina Castaneda, a Mexican, who is now living in Los Angeles, as a US citizen. She had become a US citizen after so many years. She got through the civics component of the naturalization test and took the oath of allegiance in March, 2012. She said that the Democratic Party volunteers provided forms at the naturalization ceremony and she had filled the form and registered to vote at the ceremony.

Political parties have been targeting new American citizens right from the year 1790. Professor Stephen Farnsworth, says that the political parties meet the potential voters as soon as they become citizens of the country.

People who had become US citizens through naturalization, earlier, registered to vote in very less numbers. Later, people who became citizens, started to register in more numbers as they were motivated by the debates related to immigration.

Around 7.8 million people had become naturalized US citizens since 2000 and now the new citizens make up around 3.6 percent of the overall voting population. According to the reports, people in California, Massachusetts and Illinois are likely to support President Obama. However, there are few Republican candidates in these states who are drawing the attention of new citizens by providing them voter registration forms in Spanish, English, Chinese and Tagalog.

President Obama's campaign, had sent volunteers to conference halls where naturalization ceremonies were held. Spokesperson for the Obama campaign, Adam Fetcher said that the motive of the party is to help out the new citizens to involve in the democratic process. Similarly, spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski, for the Republican National Committee, said that the new citizens are a part of the voter registration program. They also focus on the registered voters as they are more likely to go to the polls. Both, the Democrats and the Republicans, believe that the new citizens, are likely to make a difference.

Former lieutenant governor, Maldonado, a rich farmer, who is the son of a Mexican, is campaigning against the Democratic Rep. Lois Capps, in San Luis Obispo district. However, Capps said that she very well understands the challenges and difficulties faced by the immigrants and their families. Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley, who is an Indian-American, is working for Romney in northern Virginia, which has more number of potential voters who are from India. However, President Obama also made a campaign in the same town where Gov. Haley had campaigned.

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