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Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love With You! Here is How to Easily Get What You Want From Him

Having a boyfriend is great fun.
You get to spend time with a person you really like being with and it's a wonderful feeling being a couple.
But you have no idea if your boyfriend is in love with you or not.
If you are having this dilemma then here are some tricks that will ensure that your boyfriend falls in love with you.
Be supportive The first thing that you need to do is be supportive in everything that he does.
It could be his career or anything else that he holds important.
Never try to come in between that and encourage him to do well at all time.
He will soon fall in love with you.
Be spontaneous It can get very boring to be with a girlfriend who functions like an organizer.
So surprise him with your spontaneity.
Pack your bags and go on a hike just like that or give him some crazy action when you are on a long drive.
Respect his privacy No matter how close you are, if you want your boyfriend to fall in love with you, you will have to respect his privacy.
Don't snoop around his stuff or check his phone messages.
If he ever finds out you will end up looking like an untrusting insecure girlfriend soon on the way to singledom.
Don't hang around him all the time You want your boyfriend to fall in love with you and not get tired of you.
To achieve this you have to spend some time away from him.
Don't spend every waking moment with him.
Give him a chance to miss you a bit as well.
If you really want him to realize his love for you, nothing will work better than taking a short holiday without him.
He will miss you like crazy and realize how much he loves you.
Do small things that show that you care Be a little nurturing in nature and do simple and small things that warm the heart and show that you care.
On a particularly bad day instead of leaving him alone to sulk (as asked by him), make his favorite dinner, rent out a DVD or do something special just to cheer him up.
This will definitely show him how much you value him and make him fall in love with you.
Give him his space Men are fiercely protective of their space so give him his.
When he sees you respect his space he will not feel threatened by your presence in his life and will open up to falling in love with you.
Retain your independence Be an independent person throughout and don't use your boyfriend as an emotional crutch.
Be his friend and see how he falls in love with you.

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