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Movie Review - The Kid

The Disney movie, The Kid, is a movie that I have watched over and over again for almost ten years now.
It's a family, feel-good movie with a satisfying ending, but I do not think that that completely explains why I adore it.
I think that it speaks to my own philosophy of life and loss and growth and healing, and sends a positive message about all of those issues.
In this series of articles about the movie, I will reflect on what makes it special and on what I have learned from watching it.
The Beginning Russell, the main character in the movie, begins the story as someone whose life looks good but it quickly becomes apparent that it does not necessarily feel good.
As we watch the story develop, it becomes clear that Russell is way off course in terms of living his purpose, and the biggest part of his triumph at the end is that he moves right into the center of it! When he does that everything changes.
"We did it!" he says to his younger self.
The Loser Prior to that transformation, he has built a life around distancing himself from the "loser" he believed he was as a kid.
He made a career out of it, becoming an image consultant whose main task, as I see it, was to help others look less like a loser and more like whatever the ideal was in their situation.
I have done some image management myself at times, so I relate to his need to do it.
Speaking of things I relate to in the movie, there are several main themes, as I see it.
In the beginning, what we see is hiding from the real you, and when forced to confront a younger version of himself, he does everything he can to go back into hiding.
That second theme, confronting his inner child, happens physically for him as he meets and is forced to acknowledge the self he was when he was younger.
The next theme is remembering his story, and when he firsts meets the younger self, there are several pieces of his past he has willfully forgotten.
Part of his growth work in the moving is remembering them again and accepting the pain of those memories.
In the next article in this series, we'll take a look at those themes in greater detail and explore how they helped the main character heal.

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