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Can I Install a Claw-foot Tub Over Laminate Floor?

    • 1). Wet a lint-free cleaning cloth and wipe down the laminate floor in the bathroom where the clawfoot tub will sit. Allow the laminate to air-dry once clean.

    • 2). Run a wood floor buffer over the laminate in the same area you cleaned to make it shine. This won't prevent dust and dirt from collecting under the tub, but will lessen cleaning time in the future once the clawfoot tub is installed.

    • 3). Place four floor mats directly onto the laminate floor where the feet of the tub will be placed. This will provide an abrasive-free buffer between the claw feet and the laminate floor.

    • 4). Set the clawfoot tub directly on top of the four floor mats.

    • 5). Roll out a rubber-backed bathmat next to the clawfoot tub, squaring up the rubber-backed bathmat with the tub to step on when you exit the fixture after use. This mat will keep water from dripping off your body and onto the laminate floor after bathing.

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