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How to Decorate a Large Living Room Wall With Art

When decorating a home, one of the most difficult jobs is choosing wall art.
This is made more difficult when trying to fill a large wall in your living room with art.
Your living room is a great place to let people know what your interests and tastes are.
The living room is often the centerpiece of your home decor and so making this room look good and reflect your personality is important.
So what to do about this Large Bare Wall in your living room.
There are several ideas to explore.
Do you have a theme or style?
Are you going for a specific style or theme idea, for example modern art, historical art, photography, vintage ads, cultural art? 2.
Is there a color scheme?
Is this large wall going to be the same color as the rest of the walls in the room? If you are going to make this wall the focal point of the room, you might want to use a contrasting color.
This will make the wall stand out and the art on this wall will stand out as well.
Will there be furniture against this wall?
This is important because it can help with your wall art size choices.
If there is a large buffet against this wall you can get away with some smaller pieces.
A couch, maybe some medium size pieces.
After you have come up with some answers for these few questions then we can start to explore some options.
Large Wall Art A very large painting can always look great on a large living room wall but they can prove to be very expensive and hard to choose.
Finding the right color and theme crucial choices.
If you are decorating in a country home style, you probably don't want to hang a large vibrant colored piece of abstract art.
This sure could work if you have modern furnishing with muted colors.
So if you have a piece in mind already, great! If not, let us move along.
A Multi Paneled Painting or Photograph Finding a single large piece of art has many challenges to it.
What I think works very well is a 3 or 4 panel triptych piece of wall art.
This is a great way to cover a large space with a pre arranged idea.
You can easily find large 3 panel photographs or paintings online.
The artist or photographer has already set the theme so it is just a matter of finding the right subject matter or colors.
One of the reasons I like photographs is that it is easy to find the right colors to go in your living room in almost any subject matter.
If you are really stuck, black and white photos always look elegant and go with anything.
The other reason the multi paneled approach works well is that the panels are separated with a small space so that they blend in with wall color better.
Collection You can also put together your own collection of family photographs or wall art of a similar theme.
Just remember you don't want to put a small pictures on a large wall unless there are many of them arranged to take up a large space.
3 or 4 rows of family photos with same or similar frames but in different sizes can make a nice casual display.
Metal Wall Art Metal Wall Art is another popular option.
Metal wall art comes in all shapes and sizes and can be quite elegant.
You can also use metal wall art in conjunction with other wall art, Candle holders and sconces.
One thing to keep in mind about large metal wall art is that it can be quite heavy.
You will need to install the appropriate hooks and wall anchors for the weight of the piece.
Large Themed Display Another idea that can work well is a themed display or collection of items that tell a story.
For instance, lets say you enjoy Japanese artifacts.
You could display a large Kimono or screen painting on the wall with decorative fans or smaller prints to create a large display.
You can do this with almost any theme if you think about it.
Decorating your large living room wall with art can be a daunting task, but with a little time and imagination you can create your own style and tell your own unique story.

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