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Getting the best muscular physique

Nobody is naturally inborn with artful frames in one's body and with all curves in exactly the right places but everyone can develop such physique. Bodybuilding is essentially the process of developing musculature body through specific types of diets and exercises. A little dedication, efforts and hard work under proper guidance can help you and right strategy can help you achieve your dream physique. Just pumping the iron hard does not make your muscle grow but you need to have a scientific approach and a proper exercise to get your dream body. Proper muscle training also involves plenty of rest and good diet.  Incorrect exercises can have a very severe long term effect especially at old age. You need to have a strong commitment and proper knowledge get a nice muscle tone and an attractive muscular body. Lifting too heavy weight of forcing yourself to do too heavy work out will not help your muscle grow. Wrong exercise techniques not only compromise your body growth but it will also make you susceptible to injuries. So it is very important to follow the right approach.

Ben Pakulski also known as Pak-Man, one of the top IIBF pro bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition is a pioneer in scientific bodybuilding.   His MI40 body building system has helped many professional and non-professionals to get their dream body shape. Pakulski's interested in body building started at an early age of 12 and hehas been developing and refining his MI40 system for over fourteen years. The IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski also teaches seminars and coaches aspiring bodybuilders with his knowledge in nutrition and exercise science.

In October 2012 based on his long experience as a professional body builder he launched a DVD workout program, called MI-40, short for "Mass Intentions" that guaranteed massive muscle gains within 40 days performing 40 minute workouts. Pakulski wanted to dispel the widespread misinformation in bodybuilding with his scientifically based bodybuilding system. His MI-40 system workout stresses on a scientific approach to maximize muscle tension when working out, and follows the principles of periodization.  It has been scientifically proved that the longer you can keep tension directly on a muscle, the more you can control your muscle's growth rate. For this you need to have a special exercise for each muscle.

One of Pakulski's most remarkable discoveries is the NOS or Neurological Overload Sets Solution that helps in new muscle growth spurts and in overcoming frustrating plateaus. The "NOS" Solution has been tested and proved to be the best method of high-intensity training. MI40 teaches you how to overload the muscles, build a perfect metabolic debt, and overload the nervous system for muscle growth. Pakulski endorses 40-second rest periods between the sets for facilitating higher Growth Hormone and IGF-1 in the bloodstream after workouts. The MI40 System is not only time-saving but also enjoyable to perform. The best thing about MI40 bodybuilding system is the well-illustrated exercises which eliminates the possibility of injuries. You can have the best body shape by dedicating only 40 minutes in just 40 days.

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