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Celebration Cakes For Your Big Days

Cakes Portland are great for just about any occasion. You can have a cake for dessert after Sunday dinner all the way to wedding cakes. You can find a cake that not only celebrates a special occasion but can do it in many flavors, sizes, and decorated just about any way you want. There are even cakes that will address special dietary needs. There are sugarless cakes as well as gluten free cakes so just about anyone can enjoy a cake.

Everyone looks forward to their birthday cake. And it is just as much fun if you are the one giving the cake as well. With children's cakes you can have their favorite cartoon characters, sport, or sports team to decorate their cake. Often the cake is a reflection of the entire birthday theme. And for the older kids there are more grown up themes as well.

Cakes Portland helps us to celebrate different milestones in our lives. If you have someone graduating from high school or college having a cake at their party will be a welcome addition and a way to honor and acknowledge their achievements, and a good way to share the celebration with friends and family.

The Super Bowl has almost become a national holiday in our country. And many of the bakeries will have special Super Bowl cakes Portland for the occasion. There will be Super Bowl cakes you can purchase at your local grocery store to more elaborate cakes you can have especially made at your favorite bakery. You could have one done to reflect your favorite team.

Baby and bridal showers are other occasions that warrant a cake as well. These can be a simple sheet cake with a repeated pattern or something more elaborate. In the case of a bridal shower you may want the cake to reflect the bride's chosen colors. For the baby shower, if you know if the baby is going to be a girl or boy, you could center the theme about that. If the mother has chosen to wait until the birth and be surprised there cakes that are not gender specific you can get.

The cake industry has not escaped technology. There is now edible paper that can be put through a printer that has edible ink to print images. This allows a bakery to take a picture you provide and put in on a cakes Portland. That could be a big surprise for the recipient as well as the guests at a party.

There are some many celebrations in our lives and a cake will always be a welcome addition.

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