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How to Secure a Race Car Hood

    • 1). Open the hood and look at the front core support, the thick metal across the front of the car where the radiator is located. Find a spot on each side where the hood pins can be installed. Measure to make sure the spots are evenly spaced from the edge of the hood. Use a permanent marker to mark the spots so they can be drilled.

    • 2). Drill a hole in the core support where the spots are marked. Slide the hood pins into the holes and secure them with the washers and bolts supplied in the hood pin kit. Gently lower the hood on top of the hood pins and mark where the hood pins touch it.

    • 3). Open the hood and drill a hole at the marks. Make sure the holes are slightly larger than the hood pins to enable the pins to slide through the holes. Use a unibit to bore the holes through the hood. Close the hood to make sure the pins fit correctly.

    • 4). Place the cups from the kit into the holes in the hood after opening it. The cups slide down into the hole and have a ring or lip that sits on top of the hole on the hood. Use the marker to mark each hole in the rim of the cup where bolts will be installed. Remove the cup and drill holes for the bolts.

    • 5). Put the cups into the holes in the hood and install the bolts through the newly drilled holes. Use washers underneath the hood to secure these bolts. Close the hood and latch the hood pins.

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