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Independent Reviews of Wealthy Affiliates Are Hard to Come By!

If you've done any searching around on the Internet you've probably come to the conclusion that independent reviews of wealthy affiliates is certainly very hard to come by.
Even now, you are reading this article by myself who is wealthy affiliate member.
I will however, give you a frank overview of what you get if you join the Wealthy Affiliate.
And I can assure you it's not about roses like some people would have you believe! If you've looked at the wealthy affiliate homepage you have probably seen the quote " we can teach affiliate marketing to anybody".
That may be true but the fact is not everybody will understand it! Affiliate marketing isn't as easy as some people make out.
Roughly 8 out of 10 people fail to make any money from it.
This is because most people are quitters.
With affiliate marketing success is not instant.
It's not some overnight money making scheme that will make you rich without any work.
In fact is the opposite of that.
Most people have to work and study for about 2 months before they will begin to see any money coming in.
This is the reason most people will quit before they start to see any rewards.
The Wealthy Affiliate can certainly help people but it isn't magic and it can't promise to make everybody rich.
When you become a member you will get access to all the learning resources that you need to become successful.
However they are not laid out in any particular order and it's very easy to lose your way.
Again many people will be put off by this.
There is no one way to make money online.
There are literally hundreds and thousands of different ways to get money from affiliate marketing.
The wealthy affiliate University costs $39 per month.
If you are not willing to risk $39 to learn about something which can change your whole life then you may well be the wrong kind of person to be successful with affiliate marketing.

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