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Why Does My Dog Act Like He Is Starving?

Dogs try to say so many things to their masters through looks, body movement and language and even by barking.
If you've been feeding your dog, but he acts like he's starving, then it's a readjustment that is needed.
This could be for a number of reasons.
Just like when your dog yawns to show you that he is interested in doing something else besides what you're doing, it's time for you to get on the same page.
One reason why dogs can act like they are starving is because of an irregular eating pattern.
This is often caused by the owner not sticking to a pattern of feeding and also type of food.
Do you only feed your dog food? Have you switched dog food brands lately? Do you consistently feed your dog scraps from the table? If your dog gets used to eating scraps from the table, he can get spoiled to the point he won't eat his dog food and wants scraps from the table instead.
Many people feed their dogs once a day in the morning, while others feed them twice a day.
Your dog can go for a pretty long length of time without food, making you think that he is starving, when in fact he wants you to give in and give him better food.
This can happen often when the situation above transpires, where your dog is eating all different types of food.
For instance, say yesterday, he had the last bit of your hamburger.
Well, don't you think today he's going to want that tasty morsel again vs the dog food sitting in the tray? Some argue it's fine to feed your dog table scraps.
To each his own, but that is why your dog would be acting like that.
The same thing goes for humans.
If you eat a burger one day, and then you force yourself to diet and eat a salad the next, you voice your concerns about starving sometimes, too.
You see how it works? Other reasons do exist that you need to watch out for.
For example, your dog could be sick, or he could have just eaten too much.
But, the likely answer is your dog is acting starved so that he gets the results he wants, your table scraps.

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