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Getting a Dance Band for Our Daughters’ Party

When our oldest daughters informed my husband that their idea of a birthday party (they are twins) did not involve a backyard barbeque and balloon animals, he took the news very hard. After all, he had been the clown, magician, cowboy, and once in a moment of sheer desperation - a Disney Princess helper. I don't know who enjoyed the whole birthday party scene more - he or the girls. As the girls grew up, his role at their parties often took the part of being the grill master. This year, they came to us saying that they wanted a backyard pool party with dancing.

After he stopped hyperventilating at the €shenanigans€ that boy/girl dancing could bring, he began to rummage through his CD collection to create mix CDs for the occasion and imagined himself as the disc jockey. Now it was time for the girls to begin hyperventilating! They came to me separately (and then together) asking my help with their dad.

I approached my husband to gently break the news to him that dad as a €beat mixer€ was not on the entertainment agenda for the evening. He took the news well, and imagined the places in the bushes where he could hide, in order to pop out and be the chaperone. (I will deal with that one later, sort of, that is not necessarily a bad thing!)
We decided to keep the guest list fairly small, with about twenty kids. Food and drinks would be sandwiches, fruit and of course cake and ice cream. We sent out the invitations (and a waiver for the kids to swim) and went about taking care of the final part of the party - getting the music set up.

We tossed around the idea of having a variety of CD's and pumping them through the stereo speakers on the back deck, but weren't happy with the sound that we were getting. We looked at renting equipment from a few sources, and that seemed to be our option. While we were talking to one place, they recommended hiring one of the local dance bands for the party. We weren't sure if our budget could handle it, but we gave it a shot.

When we heard the bands play from their website online, we found one that was perfect and within our price range. The day of the party arrived and the entire thing went off without a hitch. I even found a perfect job for my husband. He played paparazzi and snapped candid shots of this kids all night, which we put to music of the band and burned a slideshow DVD for a souvenir for the kids and our daughters. Fun party for all of us!

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