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How to Install Ground Control Coilovers

    • 1). Raise the car with the floor jack and use jack stands to support the car as you replace its suspension components.

    • 2). Unbolt the shocks and struts, which are the vertical tubes behind each wheel, from the control arms, which are the horizontally placed suspension components. Use the open wrenches and socket wrenches to loosen and remove the bolts.

    • 3). Remove the securing nuts for the shocks and struts at the head of each. The strut towers are inside of your engine bay on each side and have nuts that are exposed and can be removed to loosen and drop the factory unit. The rear shocks are secured in a similar manner, although you will likely need to tear away some interior paneling to access the securing nuts.

    • 4). Insert the shocks and struts from the coilover suspension into place, initially securing them at the strut and shock towers. Follow the removal procedure in reverse to complete installing the coilovers.

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