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Understanding The Concept Of PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting & Compliance Hosting Solutions

Technology is usually defined as systematic process of collecting tools which include machinery,modification,arrangements which are used by humans for convenience. Engineering plays a vital role in development of such techniques. Engineering is described as a discipline which seeks to study and design various new forms of technology. Technology affects humans sometimes even animals and gives them an ability to adapt to new environments. Technology has affected various societies and its surroundings in quite a lot of ways. In many societies, technology has developed more advanced science of economics and has improved the lifestyle of the leisure class. But looking at the cons of the same technology, it also produces a lot of unwanted by products which is commonly looked upon as hazardous pollution.

This pollution depletes the natural environment and depletes natural resources. Various new technological advances have raised quite a lot of questions. PCI is a short form of Payment Card Industry or PCI DSS which means payment card industry data security standard, is defined as the proprietary information security standard for various organizations that handle card holders information for a lot of major debit ,credit,prepaid,e purses and ATM. PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) are the standard creators of systematic compliance rules to increase controls around the card reader data in order to reduce credit card frauds. PCI compliant hosting solutions is defined as provision of IT hosting in compliance to the recent industry set requirements which must be achieved and maintained in order.

These security based standards are technical and used for operative requirements with a further aim of enhancing and maintaining the level of integrity of sensitive data, which particularly concerns the card information of a customer. These standard rules are to be systematically followed and if any violation is found, it could lead to major legal hassle. Some of the basic requirements for providing PCI compliant hosting solutions are: To install and maintain strong firewall configuration,Not to use vendor supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters, Protect card holder data at any cost, encrypt transmission of cardholders data across open ,public places and so on.

Cloud hosting is another technological innovation which helps in storing large chunk of data on the data cloud. Cloud sites are designed to provide an elastic web hosting environment. This unique capability can allow an e commerce vendor to properly handle high data chunks and storing them without actually acquiring space on his IT devices. PCI compliant cloud hosting is the cloud hosting technology which follows the standard rules set by PCI SSC and is gaining popularity amongst ecommerce merchants.

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