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California State Health & Safety Code Sections


    • Medical facilities of all types must be licensed with the state. Hospitals, clinics, mental-health facilities and even daycare centers fall under the section of the state code that deals with licensing.

    Record Keeping

    • The California Health and Safety Code mandates how vital records are handled in the state. Birth, death and marriage certificates are all regulated under this provision. Adoption records fall under the same section of the law, while birth defects and the cancer registry are managed by the same record-keeping section of the health code.

    Health Planning

    • The health planning and development section of the state code deals with health-care facilities and medical personnel. It sets standards for staff education and establishes loan programs for the training of health-care professionals. The same section of the law sets the criteria for funding medical facilities and establishes construction standards.

    Safety Officers

    • Regulations related to police and fire departments are included in the safety portion of the state law. Rules regarding police protection divisions in unincorporated areas are set forth in one section of the code, while the state fire marshal's office is set up by a separate section. The fire-protection section also deals with laws regarding fire extinguishers and fire equipment.

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