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How to Replace a Serpentine Belt on a 1991 Ford Truck

    • 1). Remove the negative battery cable from the battery with a wrench. Isolate the cable so it cannot contact the battery while you are working. This will prevent accidental start-up of the truck while your hands are on the pulleys.

    • 2). Locate the locking bolt in the center of the serpentine belt tensioner and loosen it by turning it counter-clockwise with a wrench. Move your wrench to the mounting bolt in the center of the idler pulley on the tensioner.

    • 3). Rotate the tensioner counter-clockwise with the wrench, removing the tension from the belt. Remove the belt then return the tensioner to its home position.

    • 4). Install a new serpentine belt onto all the pulleys except the tensioner pulley. Rotate the tensioner away from the belt with your wrench again and slide the new belt onto the tensioner's idler pulley.

    • 5). Rotate the tensioner back to the home position, allowing it to take up the slack and tighten the belt. Check the belt alignment on the pulleys, making sure it seats properly on all the pulleys. Tighten the locking bolt in the center of the tensioner with a wrench.

    • 6). Reinstall the negative battery cable on the battery, tighten the retaining bolt with a wrench and start the engine. Visually verify that the belt is running over the pulleys correctly to avoid damage to the new belt.

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