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Madrid Restaurants

Though you can read my recommendations on the Best Madrid Restaurants, it's also a lot of fun to go and discover your own little hidden gem.

But where do you look? The best restaurants in Madrid tend to congregate on a few streets. Check out one of these ten Madrid calles - you're sure to find a restaurant you like.

And how do you know when you've found a good restaurant? It's mainly about trial and error, but you can start with my tips on How to Spot a Good Restaurant in Spain

1. Calle San Bernandino

Mainly international cuisine on this street, but my favorite restaurant is here, Con Dos Fogones, which serves a mixture of Spanish and fusion food.

Nearest Metro: Plaza de España/Noviciados

2. Calle de las Infantas

Several restaurants and cafes that serve food along this street. The infamous El Tigre is here too, serving the biggest free tapas you're ever likely to see.

Nearest Metro: Gran Via/Chueca

3. Cava Baja

Famous for good tapas bars. A lot of bars and restaurants here have English menus, which suggests it's getting touristy, but you'll still find plenty of excellent food.

Nearest Metro: La Latina

4. Calle Victoria

The area between Sol and Huertas is a little on the touristy side, but with so much choice, competition is high and the quality of food is generally good.

Nearest Metro: Sol

5. Calle Ave Maria and Calle Lavapies

Missing your spicy food? These two streets are curry central, but even they tone down the spice for the fragile Spanish palette. Ask about spiciness before you go for your favorites.

Nearest Metro: Lavapies/Anton Martin

6. Calle Postigo de San Martin

A few good restaurants are tucked away on this street and on those surrounding it. Doña Juana serves traditional Cocido Madrileño (Madrid stew) every day of the week (except Mondays, when they're closed).

Nearest Metro: Callao

7. Calle Jesus and Calle Fucar

Running from Plaza de las Cortes to Calle Atocha, there are number of classic old cafes and bars along here and one or two restaurants too.

Nearest Metro: Anton Martin

8. Calle Huertas and Plaza de Santa Ana

Quite touristy here, but it's more about the setting than the quality of the food, which some say has slipped over the years. If you want to eat and drink where Ernest Hemingway liked to spend his time, this is the place for oyu.

Nearest Metro: Anton Martin

9. Calle Ventura de la Vega

Restaurants along here are more expensive than elsewhere, but the lunchtime menus shouldn't break the bank.

Nearest Metro: Sevilla/Sol/Anton Martin

10. Calle Mañela Malsana

Up in the trendy, bohemian part of town, there are some excellent restaurants along here.

Nearest Metro: Bilbao

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