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The Easiest Way to Get Back Your Ex

You still love her.
Her memories still fill your emptiness.
You are hurting when you see him dating another girl, while ignoring you as if you do not exist.
His mannish voice, his gentle touch, and his tender lips - you still long for them in your aloneness.
You miss her so much, that is for sure.
You long for his love despite of the fact that you already called it quits.
No matter how you try to move on and start your singleness again, the memories of you being together still linger in your mind.
Those sweet nothings that he used to whisper still resound on your head.
The thought of having her out of your life pinches your heart to death.
Now you are desperately wanting to get back your ex.
Get back your ex? Not a bad idea at all.
Besides, you once made him/her fall for you.
You once belonged in each other's arms.
You once had been part of each other's lives.
So, there is no reason for you not to revive the love you once shared.
There is no reason for you not to get back your ex.
Reveal a new you.
If you were beautiful when you were still together, try to exceed the gift of Venus de Milo in you.
On the other side, if you were good-looking before your breakup, try to enhance the Adonis genes in you.
Be more conscious with your looks.
See yourself in the mirror more often to check if you still look great, presentable and full of vigor after a day of exhausting work or school.
Stay fit and fab.
Be health conscious.
Watch your diet.
Exercise regularly.
If you think you got excess lipids in your body, try to burn them out.
If you are a lean lad, try gaining some fats.
If possible, visit your fitness center more often than the usual to achieve or maintain your desired figure.
After all, it is the physical body of person that first leaves an impression to the eyes and minds of other people.
And your ex is not blind not to notice that change in you.
Learn something new that you never tried doing when you were still together.
Say, learn how to strum the guitar and sing her favorite song.
Or maybe learn to cook his favorite dish since they say that win a man's heart through his stomach.
Practice harder for your basketball team and be a three-point-shooter or be an ace player and give your football team its first championship trophy.
Or maybe, join the cheerleading squad of your university and show him your graceful and winning dance moves.
Go beyond your limits and prove to your ex that he/she has something to be proud of you.
Excel in all your endeavors, as much as possible.
Try to be on top of your class, if you are a student.
Exceed your quota or production and aim for the best in your field of expertise if you are in the business world.
In other words, do something impressive to get back your ex.
To sum up all these, we end up thinking of a simple way to get back your ex.
Make him/her realize that it was a mistake the two of you part ways in the mean time.
Make him/her realize that the break up has made you a better person.
That the breakup has taught you a lot of things about life.
That the breakup has molded you to be the stronger person you have become.
That the breakup made you realize how much you really need to be in each other's arms again for the rest of your lives.
And that the breakup has thought the two of you to accept and love each other again.
More than before.

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