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Making Your Own Tea Light Candle

Wouldn't it be great to have your own tea light candle at home? But before you get yourself into trouble and shop around the market to purchase one, did you know that making them yourself at home is relatively simple? It will take only a few steps until you can use of them at home.
Thus, there is no need to spend all of these money purchasing new ones since you can stock up on them at home for use over a long period of time.
First, you need to gather the equipments needed.
In addition to the typical supplies needed for candle making, you need to get yourself a selection of either plastic or aluminum tea light cups.
You can purchase them at your local grocer or craft store though.
Then, prepare your tealight cups by placing them flat on a level surface area wherein you must work on making your candle.
Then, set your wick into each candle.
You can purchase a pre-tabbed tea light wick or you can use cotton core waxed wicks, about 24 to 34 of them will do.
Now you can set the tabbed wicks into the tealight cup and gather them up into the center.
When you pour in the wax, there is a tendency for the wick to shift onto the other side.
However, you can secure them with a hot glue on the base to ensure that they stay in place.
That should be it! It is very easy to make your own tealight candle at home using basic supplies and in a few simple steps.
If you are not familiar with them, then you can find tealight candles in church entrance halls, living rooms, and restaurants, among other places.
It is esteemed for its aesthetic value and the atmosphere it creates when used in a room.
Just keep in mind to use the right size of wick for your candle.
If not, then it will smoke heavily once you light it up.
You can try trimming the wick but if the smoking persists, you can use a smaller sized wick.

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