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Tips for Gaining Your Partner"s Trust

Relationships and trust are intertwined and without trust, no relationship can survive for long. You can love someone you do not trust, but to be with them forever, you should have mutual trust. If your partner doesn't trust you or if you have done something in the past to disturb that trust, here are some tips to re-establishing trust.
Don't fool yourself. The most common trust problems arise from a failure to be sincere with one another. Talk about your day. Just mention a few little things here and there about what happened at work or at school. If you go to a party or event, talk about the decorations, food, music, and other details. Talking about such things will put your partner's mind at ease.
Spend more time with your partner. Being together means no suspicions. Being together means neither of you is wondering what the other is doing. Start coming straight home from work and if you're invited to an event, bring your lover.
Be consistent. Inconsistency leads to questions and suspicion, so be relatively predictable. When people cannot predict what others are doing, they begin to mistrust them. If you come home at the same time for several weeks, and then start staying out longer than usual, you need to tell your lover why. If you do not, then your partner will naturally start to wonder what's going on.
Always think about your partner's feelings. Just because your lover loves you doesn't mean he/she trusts you. Don't think that just because you have his/her love that you do not have to answer for anything.
Talk about the elephant in the room. Sit down and talk about it if your lover distrusts you. Learn what it is that is hurting the trust and how to fix it. On the flip side, tell your partner what he/she must do to earn your trust. relationships and trust go both ways, after all.
If you've made a mistake, be honest about it. The longer you lie about it, the more damage you are doing to your relationship. Even if you think it will destroy everything, bring it out in the open and be honest about it. If you are genuinely sorry and follow all of the other ideas, your partner may come to forgive you, in time.
Your words and deeds should be the same. When you say one thing and mean something else, your body language will probably give you away. When talking to your partner, use eye contact to show you're connection. Also, do not be nonchalant or vague with your replies. Give full attention to your partner when you speak.
You have to earn trust. If you don't feel as if you've done anything to warrant your lover's mistrust, ask him or her why. Trust yourself and find out what you can do to get trust back from your partner. Relationships and trust require both parties putting in their fair share.

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