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On Foxconn phenomenon: the plant is a plant community is a community - Foxconn employees jumping, Fo

For Foxconn factory inhabited the formation of these giant, unregulated greed solid as the initiator of the capital, local government also to blame. Foxconn employees frequent suicide is an indirect declaration of such cities already failed.

Scene in the PRD region is very strange. There are a large number of plant neighborhoods, its high concentration of modern industry and commerce, wealth and population is quite concentrated. But these neighborhoods is not the city, because there is no city life, hundreds of thousands of people living in industrialized state.

Few years ago to discuss the reform of state-owned enterprises, people often referred to "of running society," this phenomenon. The phenomenon was formed in the 50s of last century, the state-owned enterprises, especially large and medium state-owned enterprises as "units" within the enterprise to solve all the problems the employees illness and death. As a result, employees have turned into business people. The results of the so-called enterprise-run social enterprise alternative to the community, social enterprise, employees have lost their freedom of choice and independence of personality. As compensation, the state-owned enterprise employees access to the Government's commitment to lifelong welfare protection. Thus the unit, the employees seem to feel the warmth of small communities of tenderness. Precisely because of this, many older workers will now miss the "unit" of the times of life.

Amazing is that the rise of the last century 90's Foxconn like foreign investment, joint ventures, are in part reproduced of running society, business community organizations to replace Form: employees be arranged to live in the factory dormitory building in, and eat in the canteens of. They go abroad enterprises can solve the problem of life, to enjoy the convenience. Them to become business people.

But the difference is significant: now, the only company to pursue profit goals, its magic is the compression of profit costs, particularly labor cost. State-owned enterprises can not intense pace of work, employees can develop between the close friendship. In these modern enterprise, hard work Queshi quarters of young people with strangers. And all their employees are young, without any care in the local, and thus mobility is also high. In short, these factors have led to companies like Foxconn never tenderness tenderness within the Community and replace them with absolute indifference and alienation. Why copy

foreign ecological state-owned enterprises? Can be explained in two ways. Enterprises may think that cutting off social contact staff, to close at the plant in the region can be the most efficient way to extract the blood and sweat. For example, these employees need time to work overtime, working hours and in a dozen hours, more convenient living in the factory.

The other hand, local governments form this plant also welcome the settlements. These young people are the so-called "alien population", the local government does not treat them as a complete political and legal rights of people look at these young people, but the employees, working girl only. Local government, the only value is their blood and sweat can be dedicated to the plant as a whole person is simply a trouble. If they live in a society, will consume the local public goods and public management of resources; roots if they fall, life, will reduce the welfare of the local population; many of the local government officials even believe that these foreign people are potential criminals.

Based on these considerations, business and local government reached a tacit agreement, the local government to implement all the discriminatory laws, policies, forcing the young foreign population dependent on the factory. The young man is always passing outside the Government to implement such a policy long-term result, young or simply not imagine that he is not only employees, working girl, but rather a whole person, citizen.

Such a policy would only lead to a result: in all such industries and outside populated areas, only the plant, not the city; only economic, not social. A relatively complete and healthy society can only exist in plant development and beyond. Only when the young people from the line of control, have their own private time, have their own private space, thus communication and exchange opportunities for young people, made possible by their society, and then they also be possible to integrate with the locals, the formation of a new large society.

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