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How To Grow Taller By Improving Your Posture

Not only does poor posture rob you of inches of precious height, it can lead to many back problems as well - some even being severe and permanent. Severe back pain is a widespread condition that affects millions of adults across the world. By optimizing your posture you can help stave off this painful condition as well as grow up to two inches taller in a very short period of time.

As you know, your spine is naturally curved in an "S" shape with several bends that allow you to be flexible and perform natural body functions such as bending forwards and backwards and twisting side to side. The spinal column itself is composed of bones called vertebrae. Essential nerves that travel from the brain to your lower body pass through the vertebrae. Between the vertebrae is a spongy tissue called cartilage that allows the vertebrae to bend back and forth and twist from side to side effortlessly.

It is not well-known that while this spongy cartilage is extremely resilient, it can suffer deterioration over time due to bad habits such as slouching and sitting in a manner that is not optimal to spine health. This, along with bad posture can cause the vertebral cartilage to wear down.

By bolstering your cartilage with nutrition and keeping your spine at a healthy level of curvature, you can improve your posture and improve your height. Firstly, the curvature of your spine, while normal, is often exaggerated by the bad posture habits referenced earlier. But through conditioning and stretching exercises, this curvature can be less pronounced and set in a much more optimal manner.

Likewise, a proper nutritional diet made up of healthy proteins, fats, and calcium will go a long way in bolstering the spinal column's cartilage but what is not often known is that healthy back stretching exercises can help as well. When cartilage is kept flexible from a regular regimen of stretching and use, it doesn't have a chance to become sedentary and brittle. The extra motion from stretching as well as the added nutrients from a healthy diet cause the cartilage to actually thicken and become stronger over time, giving even more of a potential boost in height.

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