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Tips on Saving Your Marriage From Being Doomed

Marriage is a long term commitment for sure.
Marriage is all about saying yes to the other person to come into your life for the whole of the remainder of your life.
That requires courage and commitment.
In the initial years of the marriage it is all about building a new life.
You start staying together and try to build a new life.
Each day is spent exploring about each other as a person.
Every day is a new experience as you get to know each other.
You get to know the good and the bad habits of the marriage partner.
You get to know the value system of the other person.
This new experience also brings you together to procreate life.
You have kids which are a bundle of joys.
The initial few years are known as the honeymoon years of marriage.
It is called rightly so because you are so engrossed in each other that you do not see any wrongs in one another.
But gradually the novelty factor wears off and that is when you start seeing the person in a new light.
Some of his of her habits would start to hurt you.
Earlier the same thing was supposed to be source of joy is now a source of sorrow.
Some called it the seven year itch.
There is movie by the same name.
Well seven years or not but the fact is that it is true down to the core.
So people in marriage need to be more careful past those initial years.
In fact each passing year you need to extra careful and extra sensitive to one another.
Marriages start to break up because people find it tough to change.
This resistance to change causes bad blood and acrimony.
For a marriage to survive you need to avoid the bad patches.
Try to solve the issues by talking to the other person in a very open manner.
Remember it is up to both the partners to save the marriage and no amount outside intervention can save the marriage.

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