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That's what I want to talk to you about today.
A lot of people try and find on the Internet places where they can buy or get hold of the highest-paying AdSense keywords.
The idea is that if you have the right keywords you can actually generate dollars per click.
Rather than being paid just a few cents per click from your AdSense ads, if you use the right keywords you can actually generate several dollars per click.
Now a lot of people are advertising for these types of services and these types of high-paying AdSense keyword lists, but do they really work? Well I've tried a lot of them out and some of them are better than others.
There are free lists out there and, obviously, in this life you get what you pay for.
The free lists generally aren't worth anything at all and really aren't worth investing your time in.
Some of the paid lists are quite useful.
What you should remember though, is that on top of getting the keyword lists you need to actually create the content that includes these keywords on your website.
Just having access to the keywords isn't going to be enough to generate lots of high-valued clicks for you.
If you combine a high-paying keyword list with lots of great content that includes those keywords, then you're actually starting to get into the realm of high-paying AdSense ads.
Google itself will sometimes implement 'smart pricing.
' Smart pricing is Google's attempt to try and level the playing field.
If, for example, you suddenly start to earn massive amounts of revenue from certain clicks, it will somehow rebalance the playing field so that the clicks are better reflected in the actual return on investment for the advertiser.
At the end of the day you need to be delivering clicks through AdSense that are of value to the advertiser.
That's what a lot of people forget about when they start looking at the highest paying AdSense keywords.
Having said all that, you can use these keyword lists to generate lots and lots of revenue.
I've done this myself on some of my sites and now earn over one thousand dollars every three days.
Google pays me lots of money to place their ads on my sites.
I'm getting clicks that some of them are worth a few dollars each.
The key to it is to get great content.
The list on its own is not enough.
So remember that you can succeed with this strategy, but don't forget to actually create excellent articles and content on your website that include these keywords; not too heavily, but just enough so that the ads displayed are the ones with the highest bids.

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