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How to Build a Model Railroad Turntable

    • 1). Place the foam core on a work surface. Place the lazy Susan face down on the foam core. Draw an outline on the foam core, around the lazy Susan, using a pencil. Place the lazy Susan aside.

    • 2). Measure across the circle from the left to the right side, with a ruler. Make a dot at the halfway point with a pencil. Draw a vertical line down the length of the circle, on the dot, with the ruler and pencil.

    • 3). Apply bonding glue to the bottom left and right sides of the piece of railroad track. Place the track, glue-side down, vertically on the line that was drawn on the circle. Let the bonding glue set overnight. Cut out the circle from the foam core, with the utility knife.

    • 4). Place the lazy Susan face up on the work surface. Apply bonding glue to the rim of the lazy Susan. Place the bottom of the cut foam core on the top of the lazy Susan.

    • 5). Press the foam core against the lazy Susan so that the glue adheres the two together. Let the bonding glue set overnight before placing your railroad turntable into your model railroad setup.

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