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Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs can be extremely rewarding for those who love to work with people.
These nurses are in demand at hospitals, Family Practices, other kinds of physician offices and in the field of Psychiatry.
LPNs are also employed by Hospice programs, Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.
There are numerous avenues in the medical field where LPN Jobs are available.
LPN Jobs are throughout the world.
A Licensed Practical Nurse can find work almost anywhere.
How does one become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in order to become employed? In order to become a LPN, one must enroll, after completing High School, in a Nursing School or community college that offers an accredited LPN program.
The LPN program must be accredited for the LPN student upon graduation to qualify for taking the required N-CLEX-PN certification examination in order to become a practicing certified Licensed Practical Nurse.
There are two parts to the LPN training, in the classroom and on the job training supplied by the LPN program usually in conjunction with medical facilities that offer Resident Training for other medical professionals like a Medical School.
This way the LPN student can learn directly the expected role of a Licensed Practical Nurse in a professional setting.
Most LPN educational programs are in length about a year (for a hospital certificate) or two years (for an LPN degree).
The LPN curriculum includes Anatomy, Physiology, administering of drugs, medical equipment usage and Psychiatric nursing techniques.
What is the role of these Nurses? These jobs usually are under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN).
The LPN's daily routine includes working closely with patients in a variety of health care settings to provide and maintain basic medical care.
They take a patient's vital signs and aide in simple medical procedures.
These are the nurses whom a patient first sees in a doctor's office; confirms patient symptoms for the chart so the doctor and registered nurse can review before seeing the patient.
In a psychiatric ward, a Licensed Practical Nurse assists Medical Technicians in daily rounds to ensure the medication is dispensed and taken properly by the patients.
At Assisted Living facilities they oversee the Care Givers and assist as necessary.
Often times, LPNs are responsible for filing and updating each chart's content maintained at an Assisted Living Center or Retirement Home.
Those placed in Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs love their occupation.
Many LPN's have admitted they would not consider doing anything else.
They prefer and enjoy the fast paced work environment of the Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs.
Once training is completed, there are a wide variety of LPN Nursing Jobs available to those seeking them.

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