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Expanding Your Presence With Trade Show Displays

Expanding your business into a new territory is always a daunting prospect, but taking full advantage of regional conventions and industry fairs is a great way to achieve maximum marketing impact.
If you've been attending the same small group of industry fairs for years, it's time to increase brand awareness by using your trade show display in new ways at new locations.
Taking your show on the road with portable displays can also net you big returns on a minimal investment.
Big Cities Court Trade Fairs Big cities that are centrally located in various regions can give you enormous bang for your marketing buck.
If you've already cornered the market for your product or service in the Mid-Atlantic states, consider branching out into the Eastern or New England states.
Hosting trade show displays in major markets like New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore can result in impressive leads, and will give you the chance to reach a large number of potential clients who converge on these big cities for annual events.
Contact Industry Organizations For Information If you aren't familiar with regional events, talk to representatives from industry organizations.
They will be able to give you detailed information on various events, including dates, locations and contact information.
Follow up with event organizers as soon as possible so your display gets a prime location on the exhibit floors.
You may be surprised to find that some of the most powerful and popular events in the area you're considering expanding into are relatively small.
Size doesn't always translate into better coverage.
Talk to industry insiders to find out which shows give the best return on investment.
For smaller shows, portable displays are a great way to reach people without a huge initial investment.
Do Market Research To Tailor Your Trade Show Display Don't assume that demographics will be the same for all regions.
While people over the age of 50 in the Mid-Atlantic may be your current target audience, you may find that your product or service appeals to a younger crowd on the East Coast.
Do your homework before using the same trade show displays you've always used in the Mid-Atlantic.
Not targeting the proper demographic can be a costly mistake.
If you want to test the waters, portable displays can be designed with interchangeable banners and graphics so you can reach a different audience at each event.
Be Strategic With Your Budget If you're going to be expanding into a large region and want to visit several events throughout the year, consider portable displays you can easily take on the road.
As you get a feel for each exhibition, you can tailor these portable displays by switching out the graphics or using customized kiosks on the trade show floor.
Rental trade show booths are also a great way to test out new markets; you can invest in more permanent solutions once you have an understanding of the region and each event.
When you attend new events, be sure to take some time to walk the floor and assess your competition and network with any potential business partners.
You may discover that the most important connections aren't always made when you're working at your trade show display.

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