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How to Make Seed Packets

    How to Make Seed Packets

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      Basic pattern for seed packet

      Copy diagram number 1 onto your computer. You can enlarge it, make it smaller or change it any way you want. Right-click your mouse on the image. Select "Save Image As."

      Open the file with your paint program.

    • 2). You can make the pattern any size you want using the program. Once you have it the right size, you can begin to design your front cover. Take pictures of the plant that you are gathering seeds from. This way, you can download that picture onto your computer. Right-click on the file, choose "Copy" and "Paste" it onto the front of your seed packet. You can also choose a photo online, or leave the front blank and draw your own picture. This is also the time to add your own text if you want. Add it to the front and back, or again, leave it blank and write in your own details of the plant.

    • 3). Print the packet out. Find the kind of paper you want to use for your seed packets. Some people use a paper bag, because it is stronger. Even though the bag may be brown in color, you can still add a picture on the front using one from your files or drawing one by hand. If you use the paper bag, open it along the seams and lay it on the table. Using a piece of paper as a guide, cut it to the size that will fit in your computer's printer. Plain white paper shows a color picture better, but use the kind of paper you want.

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      Fold back and glue the sides.

      Cut along the outline after printing the seed packet. If you have your design on the front, have it facing out. Fold the back over, making it into a box or rectangle shape. Fold each side in. Tape securely all the way across, closing any small holes where seeds can escape.

    • 5). Add your seeds. Fold the top flap over and tape shut.

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