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What Makes Austin Unique

What makes Austin Unique
If you are wondering what is so special about Austin, you should take a close look at the people who make up its large population that have dubbed the unofficial motto of the city to be, Keep Austin weird. No, you will not find an entire population of people who believe that aliens are real, simply a population of people who value individualistic and eccentric thinking who are willing to give just about everything a try once. All of these reasons are why the innovative corporate offices of Dell, AMD, Google, eBay, and Samsung enjoy functioning next door to a burgeoning music scene.
In fact, Austin is currently enjoying a nice surge of tourists due to its extensive music scene and people who want to find out for themselves why Austin is the next big city in America. Although the music scene is probably one of the most thriving and well known parts of the arts culture in Austin due to the annual South by Southwest festival and the Austin City limits music festival, the reason why music is continually being output in such large quantities is because the art scene embraces and adores its artists.
Independent thinking is shown throughout the city as local and small stores thrive in the Austin area alongside organic and free trade grocery store. People simply enjoy having plenty of choices to eat what they want, think how they wish, and act anyhow they feel within the friendly constricts of the large metropolitan area. This is one of the reasons why the Austin population is ranked second across the nation in terms of interesting personality, which in itself makes the city so unique.
Outside of the spirit of the people who inhabit Austin making it unique, is the many festivals, museums, and other events that take place throughout the city each year. For example, where else can you attend a museum event each year that honors somebody with an award for having the strongest wit (O. Henry Pun-off at the O. Henry museum)? Or head down to Sixth Street to take place in the annual Pecan Street Festival. Of course, you also cannot forget Austins renowned Trail of Lights around Christmas time in which the entire Zilker Park is lit up with over 300,000 strings of Christmas lights around props with Christmas and non-Christmas scenes.
These are just a few of the more exciting reason why Austin is so unique, but there are many more practical reasons as well. Although the weather patterns in Austin can be unpredictable, the weather stays generally warm in the area and stays pretty much above freezing. Also, housing in the Austin area is a very affordable, which is hard to find near any large city, especially due to the current economy and housing recession. . . .
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