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Home Built Wind Generator Plans-

Are you in the market for home built wind generator plans? Would you like to help the environment by getting off the "power grid" as much as possible? Can you justify the cost of "going green" and recoup your investment?

Those are certainly valid questions for any homeowner that wants to use wind and solar power to reduce their electric bills. One word of caution, it's best to be realistic about the cost savings. Upgrading your home with newer windows and more insulation are very smart ways to go as well. It just really boils down to how long you expect to be in the home before moving.

When looking for home built wind generator plans there is a difference. All too often, the plans that you are considering purchasing are simply a re-hash of the "freebies" out there. What's the point to that? If you are paying for something you want to be getting your "money's worth".

Another consideration is your location. The United States annual average wind power varies signficantly depending on where you live. As you might expect, the "plains" states such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma have the most steady supply of wind. Surprisingly, Arizona, Utah and the southeastern section of the country have the least.

Obviously, solar might be a much smarter choice if you live in parts of the countries with a constant supply of sunshine. All of those factors will determine if your investment is going to pay off. Fortunately, there are people that care about the environment that are still willing to purchase homemade wind generator plans [http://bit.ly/ihBYUL]. Someone has to take the lead if our world is going to continue to be the wonderful place we have taken for granted.

As you can imagine, buying a wind turbine from a green energy company can be extremely expensive. It's the old law of "supply and demand". With people lining up to buy these products the prices will continue to go up and up.

Many families enjoy doing a project like this together. Is there a better way to teach our children the value of protecting the environment and being good stewards of the earths limited resources? We all know that there is a finite amount of oil, coal and natural gas.

If you are wondering how to build a homemade wind generator [http://bit.ly/ihBYUL] and a little unsure about it buying plans is just plain smart. There are times when being "penny wise and pound foolish" is silly. This is probably one of them!

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