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How to Use the Laws of the Universe to Help Create Abundance in Your Life

Abundance is all around us, like the air we breathe, like the molecules of this universe.
They are everywhere and you let abundance into your life if you just open up enough avenues for it to flow into your stream of well-being.
Here are a few of the most important Universal Laws and their relationship to creating abundance and wealth in your life.
The Law of Give and Take The law of give and take (karma) or "the essence of what you give so too you shall receive".
Give from the heart and give with joy, without thought of personal gain and watch how it is returned to you in equally loving ways.
The Law of Listening to Your Heart Take time to be quiet and listen to your deepest thoughts and desires.
You'll find that you are the only person to possess the solutions to all your problems.
But you have to listen to your heart to be able to know what you need to do to succeed in your life, to stay on your path to joy.
Your still quiet voice within has the key to your happiness and fulfillment.
Be quiet and listen.
Then embrace those answers with excitement and watch abundance flow towards you.
The Law of Ask and You Shall Receive.
If you don't voice what you want to the universe, you'll never get it.
Santa brings you gifts you put on your Christmas list; the genie in the bottle can only grant wishes you tell her you desire.
It's the "name it to claim it" game.
If you say nothing to no one, barely expressing it in your mind, then how can it come to be? The world of miracles works through the channels of real life.
That means real people, real events.
You'll feel the logic in your manifestations.
That is why it's important to express them to your friends and family.
The more people you tell, the more opportunities you open up for that abundance to appear and manifest in your life.
The Law of Faith and Hope At some point you have to dream it then ask for it; but there is also the point of letting go of the desire to release it to the Universe in faith and hope of its return to you.
Having faith means believing and expecting.
This is part of the process of using the law of abundance.
You must believe it before you can perceive it.
Have confidence it will come to you, despite the difficult and dark moments in your desire.
The light always comes after the darkest hour.
Maintain your faith and maintain the spark of hope that will gently guide abundance into your life.
The Laws of the Universe rest unchanging and easy to understand.
Each has two sides to it like a coin.
On the one side you must give, on the other you shall receive.
Keeping the faith and coming from a place of positive intention will quicken the abundance that flows into your life.

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