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Social Decorating With Drink Coasters

Beverage coasters are interactive accessories that can be used to help protect surfaces from water rings, scratches, and other damaging factors.
However they also have the potential to be wonderful decorative accessories, pieces which can be used to spread color and design throughout your home.
While a single coaster may be a small piece, when you have a set, they can stretch across the landscape of your home, bringing color and pattern to every corner of the space.
They are also interactive, requiring a person to physically contact them with a glass or beverage, making them more noticeable and thus a focal point within the room.
One interesting way to create social situations when dealing with coasters is to get sets that match up.
You can have coasters which alternate questions and answers, or jokes and punch lines.
You can also get sets with pictures of related people on them in order to start conversations and give people something to talk about.
Another way to use coasters is as decorative accent points.
You can choose pieces that have rich dramatic colors, and then spread them throughout the space as a way of contrasting the colors that naturally occur within the room.
This allows the splash of contrast to be a temporary thing as the coasters can be stacked and stored later on.
In general coasters are going to be more prominent during social events, as each guest will probably only need one coaster.
However some people choose to spread them throughout a space as permanent decorative items, so that no matter where a person is, there is always a coaster nearby waiting for their use.
Drink coasters are more than just functional items they are also a part of the decorative and social life of your home.
They can be used to create conversation, to add color and beauty, or merely as their appointed use, in the form of preventative accessories.
The wide variety of functions available means that they are quite versatile, giving you a wealth of options that you can take advantage of when creating a decorative décor.
By being creative with your coaster decorating, you can use these attractive and functional accessories in a variety of novel and intriguing ways.
They are more than just stylish, or utilitarian, they are social by their very nature.
More prominent in the presence of guests, they can become a centerpiece of your party and social style decorating efforts.

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