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Call Center Sales Training

Sales communication is the key to call center sales, carried out largely through oral and written communication.
The sales manager lets his sales people know what they are expected to achieve, how they are performing, how they can improve and perform better.
The manager also keeps them informed of what is happening in the company- to the products, production, distribution, promotion and profitability.
In turn, a salesperson keeps the sales manager informed of what is happening in the market, and how the sales and the marketing programs of the firm are progressing.
Communication in the sales field is far more complex than in other fields because supervision by the boss is limited.
Sales communication helps resolve sales conflicts.
In actual practice, several types of conflicts may arise in a sales organization concerning roles and conflicts between salesmen and dealers and between one salesman and another.
All conflicts become less pronounced with good sales communication.
To ensure good sales communication, the sales executive must have an insight into problems and be able to grasp the real meaning of what is said and done.
Effective sales communication should involve a good mixture of face-to-face communication with the sale force as well as written sales reports.
Sales reports are a particularly useful tool in call center sales training.
They are very essential for sales monitoring, evaluation and control.
That is why reporting becomes an important part of a salesperson's job and utilization of sales reports becomes an important part of the sales executive's job.
A variety of reports are often called for from salespeople.
Together they should provide a total picture of sales made, stock levels with warehouses and dealers, promotional effectiveness, customer behavior trends and other market intelligence.

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