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Gas to Propane Conversions - Is it a Greener Solution?

Vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
This is also a prime factor with problems of global warming.
People are pushing for solutions and even electric cars being created so people can switch over.
The problem is that the solutions designed to help with the emissions are virtually impossible for most people to be able to afford.
Gas to propane conversions is affordable and cheap in comparison to buying a hybrid car.
This is an excellent solution because propane burns clean.
There is little to no emissions into the atmosphere with propane.
Gas to propane conversions is beneficial to the environment also because there is no worry about it being harmful to the environment.
Propane cannot harm soil and cause pollution with the land and damage to crops and soils.
Gasoline is a prime factor to pollution when there are spills of petroleum.
It can kill off good soil quickly rendering it unusable forever.
Propane is also not harmful to water.
Water pollution can occur when it rains and harmful gasoline drains into lakes, rivers, and even the ocean.
Propane won't cause water pollution and it is totally safe.
The best environmental solution you can do that is affordable is a gas to propane conversion on your vehicles.
Propane is not harmful to the soil or to water.
It is not harmful to you either.
In addition, the atmosphere could use the break because it burns clean, unlike harmful gasoline emissions of carbon monoxide into the air.

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