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Maximize Your Space With Functional Small Bathroom Designs

Remodeling a small space can be discouraging because every great idea you come across needs the space to execute it in, but in fact there are many great small bathroom designs that if done well, can open up the smallest of rooms and maximize the potential.
There is no need to sacrifice comfort, style or practicality just because your space is a bit smaller than hoped, so find out how you can get a beautiful result out of a small, cramped space.
Opening up the space A cramped room can often be opened up by simply placing things differently.
Now in a bathroom, where pipes and plumbing are an issue, this may not always be possible, but there are different options to consider.
Corner items are key.
Whether it be a corner shower stall or corner sink and vanity, making use of those ignored corners can add a lot of extra usable space.
Also, if corner options are not feasible due to the plumbing, forgo bulky tubs and sinks, and choose shower stalls, claw foot tubs or pedestal sinks.
You get the same functional space but without added bulk which makes the room feel small.
Finally, make use of your wall space for cabinetry and storage, since any extra item you have standing on the ground will just reduce floor space and ruin the open look you are trying to achieve.
Decorating Tips Dark colors and excessive decor are detrimental to a small space, so choose your pieces wisely to accent, not inhibit, the space you have.
Don't go with white since it will add little style to your room, but choose a warm color and light tones to lighten up the space.
You can always choose a tiled border design to create some unique patterns and add some color without being overwhelming.
For your sink, toilet and tub or shower, white porcelain is probably ideal since it will pop against the muted walls and feel crisp and bright.
You also don't want to cover any windows you may have, so instead opt for sheer window treatments or even glass blocks instead of clear glass so you get the light coming through without anyone being able to see anything.
You also want to go minimal with the decor.
Instead of full carpeting, choose an area rug outside the tub area.
Decide on one item, perhaps a plant or candle, to place on the countertop if there is space.
Keep all toiletries placed out of sight since any clutter will make it feel more cramped.
Add a painting with some color on the wall, but keep it to one good sized piece instead of multiple smaller ones.
With a minimalistic technique, bright colors and lighting and well placed items, you can get the most out of your small bathroom designs.

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