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How to Get Rid of Carpet Indentations

A carpet which has just been installed looks wonderful but there are a few things which can happen to it over time.
One problem occurs if you want to rearrange your room.
If you have placed heavy furniture on your carpet and subsequently move it you will probably find ugly indentations left behind where the legs of the furniture have been.
That is not a good look! Of course, if you had had the forethought when putting your furniture in place originally you could have prevented the offending indentations by using carpet protectors or spare pieces of carpet under the legs but that is no help when you have the problem now.
If you have a good quality carpet you will often find that indentations will bounce back of their own accord eventually once the furniture is moved.
You can help the process a little by gently teasing the fibers out with a clean butter knife - the ones which have rounded non-sharp edges and don't cut.
This can help lift the pile.
Vacuuming the area frequently will also help.
Give the indentations a month or so to resolve themselves and then you will need to take other measures if they do not disappear.
There are a couple of further tricks you can try.
One is to leave an ice cube on each indentation and let it melt away gradually then leave the carpet to dry naturally.
The other is to cover the carpet with a damp cloth and iron it carefully with a hot iron.
If neither of these tricks work then you are back to square one and will have to cover the marks with another piece of furniture or a rug and learn the lesson for next time by using carpet protectors under furniture legs if you think you will ever want to move a piece of heavy furniture.

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