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Goals and the Power of Positive Thinking

The most important things in life for me are my health, family and good and loyal friends and of course having enough money to buy me the freedom to do what I want.
Most people have a goal in life and mine is to connect with like minded people to help grow my online business and I believe there are many out there trying to do the exact same thing.
What is a goal? Well it's something you want to achieve with all your heart but to do that you have to think positive.
No point in being negative as it just won't work, been there done that so I'm talking with experience here.
Negative thoughts produce negative things, it's a fact no doubt about it.
How's this for the power of positive thinking, when my son was two years old he stood staring at a chocolate Santa hanging from the Christmas tree.
I was fascinated by the fact that he hadn't for one second taken his eyes off it.
Anyway after about an hour and for no reason that I could see, it suddenly dropped off the tree and landed at his feet.
I was absolutely amazed and it stuck in my mind over the years but such was his longing for that chocolate Santa I had to let him have it.
It just goes to show that even at such a young age he knew he was going to have that Santa by hook or by crook.
Was it the power of positive thinking that the Santa dropped at his feet, I do believe it was? Write your goals down, write them on stick-it-notes and post them around the house, look at them every day.
It doesn't matter what they are whether they are personal or business if they matter to you then write them down.
Tick them off as you achieve each one then make new ones, keep adding to your list.
The power of the mind is a great thing and I believe that if you wish for something hard enough it will come true.
A goal, a wish or even a prayer...
I firmly believe that it all comes under the giant umbrella of positive thinking.
The people that have made it in life are the people that are positive thinkers, the doers if you like.
Lets face it have you ever heard of a successful person reaching the top of their tree by being negative throughout their life? No I don't think so! Look at some of the millionaires that have successful online businesses, Nick James, Simon Coulson and Armand Morin to name just three.
Did they get there by not having goals and believing that they could become three of the most successful online millionaires of today? I don't think so! If you want to achieve your goals then you must have that drive and ambition like the internet millionaires, the determination to succeed.
They set themselves goals and wrote them down they made a list and looked at that list every day and ticked off each one as it was achieved.
Think of the satisfaction as you tick of each goal you've accomplished to help get you to the top of where you want to go.
Believe in yourself and the power of positive thinking...
you'll be surprised.

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