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Why Your Wife Gets Angry All The Time?

€Destructive anger hurts your health, makes you miserable, blocks solutions, wastes your energy, keeps you helpless, invites attacks, imprisons your spirit, wrecks human relations, gives you headaches, causes accidents, ruins restful sleep and turns a love life into a lonely life.€ €" Newton Hightower
It's no laughing matter when your wife gets angry all the time. Well, there are many reasons we can consider when a wife bangs the plates or other items in the house. If you're the husband and your wife is uneasy and doing something not usual to you. Tendency is: your wife gets angry on something. Okay, with this article, we'll try to distinguish some factors which contribute to the unusual behavior of your wife.
€ You're not a good provider. - Believe it or not, but if you're not a good provider, this is also among the reasons why your wife is often getting angry at something he can't buy, especially on our everyday needs. Remember that we need to use money everyday to buy shampoo, soap, coffee, sugar and all other daily needs. These are only small things but can get a wife angry if she has no money to buy them. A husband should become a good provider to the wife so that situations like quarrel or heated arguments can be avoided. Remember that based on surveys conducted by some refutable companies in the country, many of the break ups between married couple and lovers are caused by financial problems, or simply because the husband is not a good provider.
€ Your wife got jealous. - If you're the kind of a man who still flings with somebody even in the public, then you're causing headaches to your wife. When she sees you looking for other beautiful women to the point of almost banging your head under a tree trunk because you keep looking to other beautiful girls that already passed you by. You should let the girl feel special and do not allow yourself to temptation if you're in public places or taking a stroll in the countryside. Of course, if she loves you, there's no reason why she wouldn't get jealous of your fling-fling activities.
€ She gets angry when you forget something. - As I said, girls needed some attention and love in the manners that you need to kiss them, hugged them or buy them chocolates. If your girl belongs to this type, then do not forget to kiss her when you go to work or say €I Love You€ when you live the house.
€ She gets angry when you forget anniversaries. - There are special events in your life wherein you need to remember your monthsaries or anniversaries. If you cannot remember that you are waiting for the big trouble to happen to you. Monthsaries or anniversaries are most treasured by women. Therefore, you should remember the dates of your wedding anniversaries.
€ Your wife gets angry when you decide alone. - When you tie the knot with the other persons, you need to talk on matters of very important concerns such as on deciding to make a decision. You cannot decide for your own now because you already have a husband. Therefore, any decision should be decided by the two of you.

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