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Grandparent Gift Ideas

    Grandchildren Photo Session

    • Gather all of the grandchildren, hire a photographer, and surprise your grandparents with an impromptu photo shoot at their home. The grandparents will be thrilled to see all of the grandchildren at the same time and to take pictures with all of them. Hire a hair and makeup team to style and pamper the grandparents so they look their best. When the pictures are done, send them to the grandparents in engraved frames with the names of all of the grandchildren.

    Enrichment Classes

    • If your grandparents are retired, they probably have a lot of time on their hands. Sign the grandparents up for enrichment courses from the local community college or other organization based on their interests. For instance, if grandma loves to garden, sign her up for classes on how to set up a butterfly garden. If grandpa wants to learn how to send email, sign him up for a beginner computer course.

    Trip of a Lifetime

    • If your grandparents got married overseas and dream of going back to their native country, or if they have talked about visiting Europe but have never gone, surprise them with a trip to their dream destination. Gather family members together, combine your resources and give your grandparents the ultimate vacation experience, including everything from the plane tickets to the hotels to the tours. This trip will give your grandparents memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

    Family History Journal

    • Present your grandparents with a journal to write down the family history as they know it. They may the only ones in the family who can really provide details on past generations, including any prominent members of the family. Grandparents love to tell stories about their family and this would be a great opportunity for them to pass on the history so it is not forgotten. If writing it down is not an option, you can have them record the history on tape or hire a professional life history writer to work with your grandparents.

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