Expert of Experts - Things He Didn"t Tell Neale About the Road
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Expert of Experts - Things He Didn"t Tell Neale About the Road

This author was going about the business of being himself by teaching others how to become experts.
Apparently, Someone had other plans for him.
This is an ongoing dialogue between the author and a guiding Force (Note the capital "F"!) that's determined to lighten our journey.
While at the keyboard, a dialogue emerges.
When "Spread the Word" come through the author's fingers, he hits the submit button that places the dialogue on-line.
You've found this because it will serve you.
DK: Who would have thought that some day you could be whizzing along in a car, and working on a little computer that's hooked into the internet? Never mind.
It was obviously your thought.
I don't hardly believe you'll come through while I'm on the road anyway.
Wherever you are, there I am, remember? DK: Right on! This wireless stuff is outrageous.
Soon as I picked up the laptop from the shop, I had to try it out.
Wish I could play with you and make you think I'm driving, too.
The DUI took care of DK: Sorry, Lord and Master, I don't think this needs to be public...
I didn't finish...
DK: That is SOOO cool, I'm getting better at controlling my hands! DRIVER: What the heck are you laughing at? DK: Just a minute, Sir.
-Hey, this ain't fair.
I don't want to write down everything everyone's saying around here.
This'll never stay under 800 words...
DRIVER: You're very rude, young man! DRIVER'S WIFE: Henry, please don't be mean to the hitchhiker.
DRIVER: Are you serious, Helen? Since when does someone just jump in the back seat without saying so much as a "Hello!" and then bury his head in that stupid box and ignore everything around him? DK: Um...
I'm, sorry, what were the last few words you said? I have to get this all down...
DRIVER: What? WHAT?? You have the un...
DK: I'm sorry, the un-mittergated? u-n-m-i-t-i-g-a-t-e-d DK: Thank you.
- I mean, I don't mean thank You, Sir.
Ah, forget it...
The what? Unmitigated gall? What does that mean?
He thinks you're an asshole.
DK: Oh...
got it.
- No, Sir, I'm just...
DRIVER: It used to be someone who hitchhiked would know the role they're supposed to playl...
DRIVER'S WIFE: Well maybe not everyone is okay with the roles you assign them.
DRIVER: No, Helen...
NO! This is the last straw.
It was an unwritten agreement, for Goddsakes...
Not for my sake.
For your sake.
DK: Should I say that? No.
DRIVER: Who are you talking to? DK: Hey, you can't be in everybody's conversation you know! - Really, Sir...
I really apologize.
This is a little more complicated than you think...
DRIVER: No, it's not complicated at all.
The deal is, you need to get from here to there but are too de-cre...
DK: Could you spell that? - Oh, shit...
I meant to write that, not say it.
DRIVER'S WIFE: d-e-c-r-e-p-i-t DK: Thank you.
too decrepit to have a car of your own.
Why are you taking notes?
DRIVER'S WIFE: Maybe he's a reporter looking for an Elder's wisdom.
Write down, (with rancor) DK: What's rancor? - Sorry, I wasn't talking to you, Sir.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Gotcha, Sir.
I'll be caught up in a second as long as He doesn't chime in.
DRIVER: He, who? DK: Forget it.
I really want to hear what you have to say.
DRIVER: Okay wise guy, here's some wisdom.
We pick you up, you have a job: Keep the driver awake and the passengers entertained.
Does that make sense? I expect a little decent conversation...
DRIVER'S WIFE: And I'm chopped liver? DRIVER: No, Honey, I'm talking about talking with someone who actually has something to say...
DK: I couldn't pay for this kind of dialogue.
You're making me a writer, aren't you?
I don't raise the dead anymore..
DRIVER'S WIFE: I've had it, George.
- See how he treats me?
DK: Maybe I should get out here.
- DK: I'm committed to send this piece out and I have no idea what it, you, or me is saying and the battery is about dead and it's gotta be two miles to home and my sides ache from laughing! I should never have left the house.
All that time in your cave.
So much of it in pain.
DK: Whoa! Where'd that come from? Look around you.
See what this world is like beyond those four walls? You hardly ever look.
Am I wrong? DK: No.
It feels like I ought to be ashamed, but I'm not.
This is very weird...
I don't feel...
Drew, you hide and you know you hide because of your fear of meeting yourself.
The self-imposed loneliness drains your will to live.
To live takes fuel.
You're not gassing up.
DK: This isn't anything I want to hear...
But I can catch your point because out here, I got juiced and it feels good still.
That car ride, it was so bizarre! And you were right in the middle of it, with me.
Hey, that was fun, you were almost like my wacky collab...
c-o-l-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-o-r What was that, again? DK: Hey! That was FUN! Wow! I bet travelers get to experience more faces of God.
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