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On Purpose - Part 1

What do you consider a natural yearning within you? I would jump out on a limb to say that your answer to that question would be the same answer that a great number of people on this planet would have.
Let's think about what drives people.
What changes their behavior to achieve a deep rooted goal? What are the things that people chase for a lifetime (sometimes)? What is it that you could get excited about and see yourself doing for the rest of your life? Is it to earn a ton of money? Is it to serve people in a very unique way? Is it to love your family as much as humanly possible - to take care of them like no one else can? What is the Natural Yearning of the Human Spirit? All of the above probing questions can be answered by this one fact.
Take any group of people who have made seemingly automatic transformations in their lives and analyze the common factors.
Among them would be a sense of purpose.
Purpose is a driving force that propels an individual to stay up late and get up early.
Purpose is the food that feeds the natural yearning of the human spirit.
Purpose is a deep thirst for an individual's accomplishment.
Not only for accomplishment but for meaning - a meaning that seems to pull, push, guide and lift one out of any situation or circumstance that is not consistent with the definition of his or her goals and, more importantly, who he or she is not.

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