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Luxury Hand Crafted Pens From Exotic Wood - The Buckeye Burl Chapter

Buckeye burl is a unique wood that is often used in luxury hand crafted pens and pencils.
Its characteristics offer a beautiful appearance but present challenges during the crafting process.
This article reveals the interesting background, physical character, and other considerations relevant to determining if this wood is a viable option for your use as a collector or artisan of fine writing instruments.
The name, buckeye burl, describes two distinct elements.
First, buckeye is the wood itself.
Burl, is a distinctive characteristic of wood in general.
Each will be described to provide a complete understanding of this specific combination.
Burled wood describes a condition where portions of the tree have been distorted and/or knotted.
This condition presents unusual pattern and color variations in the burled regions.
The resulting appearance is very appealing to many.
While the deformation is desired from an aesthetic perspective, the artisan is challenged to create the desired form in the wood without cracking or breaking.
Sharp tools and a steady hand are required to prevent this damage.
As a result, a burl wood creation is often more expensive than other types of wood.
Buckeye, Aesculus glabra, is a tree that grows predominately in Ohio and other parts of the Ohio Valley.
The common name "Buckeye" is said to have derived from American Indians in the area that observed that the trees' seeds looked very similar to the eyes of the male deer in the region.
Another interesting historical note is that William Henry Harrison adopted the buckeye tree and its nuts as campaign symbols during the 1840 presidential election.
And of course, Ohio State University has adopted the name.
The buckeye tree is medium sized, reaching less than 100 feet with a trunk diameter of up to three feet.
Its wood is relatively light in weight as well as color.
When burl is part of its composition, dark areas are also prominent.
The wood also has a unique texture.
When cutting tools are applied, a fine dust, rather than shavings, are produced.
This characteristic lends itself to a smooth finish.
However, it is also very porous.
So, extra amounts of polish or finish material are needed to protect the finish.
To help visualize, it may be helpful to see a luxury pen made of buckeye burl.
Buckeye burl is a unique exotic wood that should be considered for use in a hand crafted luxury writing instrument.
It has an interesting American history and is appealing to the eye.
As an artisan, consider the challenges it presents in the crafting process and remember to use sharp tools when cutting or forming on the lathe.
As a collector or consumer, keep in mind that pieces crafted of this wood can be more expensive than alternatives because of its material cost and difficulty in crafting.

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