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How to Make Postcards Out of a Calendar

    • 1). Separate the calendar pages from each other by cutting them free or removing the staples binding them together.

    • 2). Place one calendar page picture face up with the date boxes face down.

    • 3). Measure a postcard size rectangle on the calendar page. According to the United States Postal Service, for traditional postcard postage, a card must be between 5- by 3.5-inches and 6- by 4.25-inches. One calendar page may provide more than one postcard.

    • 4). Trace the outline of the postcard shape with a pencil and ruler.

    • 5). Cut out the postcard with scissors, a box cutter or other paper cutter.

    • 6). Turn the postcard over, date side up. Paint over the date boxes with white out or white paint and let dry.

    • 7). Address the postcard and write the message on the left side of the card.

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