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Get smarter with Samsung mobile phones and HTC mobile phones

In the long run of getting advanced phones, people are highly attracted toward the phones which can meet different phone needs rather than simple calling. In the domain of communication, Samsung mobile phones [] and HTC mobile phones have their own position and brand name. The Samsung phones come boasted with different facilities for its user like imaging, gaming and Internet accessing. All handsets of Samsung are proved to be efficient and attractive for the phone lovers.

In the same way, HTC mobile phones are sophisticated phones which master in looks and technology. In the market, handsets of HTC are popular for their powerful OS, storage capacity, touchscreens, speedy and integrated software. Life can run more smoothly with HTC gadgets. More can be discussed for these two renown brands with the help of their latest models. Lets start with Samsung phones.

Presently, the models of Samsung which are blushing in the market are M8910 Pixon12 and Tocco Ultra Edition. As the name suggests, M8910 Pixon12 is famous for its awesome 12 mega pixel camera. One is no more required to spend on owing any digital camera specially for imaging purpose. Users can get good quality images as well as videos with this large-sized camera. As per the size, the camera is blessed with different image enhancing options like auto focus, xenon flash, power LED flash, face, smile and blink detection, beauty shot and image stabilization. This camera phone has another 3G camera which can facilitate the users for video calling.

Another smart phone from Samsung is Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition. This is one of the beautiful handsets of the same brand. The AMOLED touchscreen and 8 MP camera are the two exclusive features of this device. In the market, this stunning gadget is available in different colour attires including platinum red, platinum blue and gold. The storage capacity is quite good of this mobile phone. It can store numerous files, images, videos, music tracks or other stuffs with 80 MB of internal memory. Now, it's the time to know some wonderful aspects of HTC mobile phones.

HTC phones appeal to users due to their high-end features which can accelerate the speed and functionality of the phone. Lets welcome HTC P3300, which is called as a combined form of GPS and PDA phones. Actually, this phone features Class 10 EDGE technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Pocket Office, Stereo Radio and a built-in GPS receiver. All these features can help the business users to stay connected with their businesses on move. User-friendly Interface and menu can facilitate the owner of this phone to work with ease. Look-wise and performance-wise, this handset is really perfect for modern phone lovers.

Lets discuss some qualities of another wonderful handset of HTC which is HTC Touch HD. Alike P3300, this handset is also blessed with stunning design and looks. The noteworthy features of Touch HD include 5 mega pixel camera, 4 GB of Internal Memory plus 256 MB ROM and 192 MB RAM. Everyone would love to see images, wallpapers or other graphics over the large 3.2 inches screen. Through GPS navigation feature of this gadget, one can easily reach to any unknown place. This feature provides direction to desired locations.
Here, it can be easily concluded that this article, ''Samsung mobile phones versus HTC mobile phones'' is all about introducing the wonderful handsets of Samsung and HTC. From here, one can easily understand the unique features of latest gadgets of both the brands. As per the need and desire, one can select any of these wonderful set of mobile phones and become happier.

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