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How to Manage 1000 and More Affiliates Easily?

Most management experts would stand firm on the affiliate management theory of supervising a maximum of 20 affiliates, minimum of 10 affiliates for every manager. What would they say about 1,000 affiliates? If the experts are old school, they would say it's impossible. If the person you are asking is knowledgeable about Internet Marketing, online management and the use of technology and the Internet, then the number of 1,000 affiliates is entirely possible - but it will require a manager that has the following qualities:


A manager of 1,000 affiliates will definitely need to be organized from Day 1. This means even with just one person to manage, organization has to be almost perfect to perfect. Files have to be in order and hard copies made in case the soft records (the files on the computer) get compromised or become unavailable.

To manage 1,000 people, you will need reliable software like Excel, although there are other alternatives which you can shop for online. The best option you have is something that can be accessed online. You can sign up for an account with a cloud computing company so that anytime, anywhere you have access to the information you need.

An Approachable Personality

It's pretty easy to understand why an approachable personality is important. Even with a handful of affiliates, you will need to be someone they can fearlessly contact no matter how trivial their concern may be.

To help you develop this trait, try putting yourself in the shoes of your affiliates. The new ones will be like a blank slate with no idea what to do, how to do it, and even what to ask. If you can, set up an FAQ for new affiliates because it will ease communication traffic.

Constant Searching For Information and Knowledge

This kind of leader is one who doesn't stop reading and talking to people. The hunger for information must be intense and fed daily. It's what will keep life interesting and enable this manager to connect with all types of characters. No matter who is in front of this manager, there's something to talk about other than the weather and the business. It's this kind of personal interaction that will make each connection, however brief, mean something to a team member, affiliate or employee so that he or she will always feel important to the group.

A Quick Thinker

Being a quick thinker does not mean forcing a decision instantly. There are some decisions that will need mulling so avoid getting into a situation where you are pressured to come up with a decision or solution to a problem. Affiliates can be forceful - they are in the online business of marketing so it is a special skill that you will be dealing with. Fortunately, you should be a master at marketing so you should know when you're being played or the situation really requires a decision immediately. As such train mentally to think on your feet and always put decisions in writing so you don't forget.

In addition, use your time wisely. You should have time for your personal needs like family and relationships - which you should never shove aside for work. This is basically what will keep you sane and driven.

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