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Vessel Sinks - Perfect For Your Bathroom Remodel

Put on the Spot I have often wondered if women realize what a precarious position they place their men in when asking the age old question "Honey, does my butt look too big".
The man, now feeling as if he were standing on thin ice in the middle of a semi frozen lake tries to find the words that will bring him back to the shores of her good graces.
His dilemma being that no answer can satisfy her.
Skewed Views I can't help but to wonder how much her initial question was influenced by what she has seen in the media.
Today's images of the Hollywood starlets fitting into a size 2 dresses and the latest craze of size 0 is more than skewing the view that women should have of their bodies.
The Ultimate Reward Let me take a moment and just remind all of us that while we all want to look our best, the ultimate reward of losing weight and toning up is your overall health.
The simple fact that you might feel better, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, extend your life span while improving your quality of life are the real reasons for getting into shape.
Remember ultimately it's not about your weight or the way you look, it's about your health.

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