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Proud to Be Fat!

Millions years ago, human beings did have suffered from starving.
In order to survive, they gained the ability of storing extra energy in form of body fat, which can be extracted as a back up energy during famine, generation over generation.
Nowadays, most of us has free from starving, most of us eat more than enough.
Wonder where has the extra calorie gone? It is turned to neutral fat and stored in lymphocyte.
The higher the ability you store fat, the more likely you are fat.
You might think positively.
Human beings rely on energy to survive, the more body fat you have, the safer you are from starving.
On this thinking aspect, the obese shape should be the most advance form of human body.
You should proud to be fat if you are really fat.
Is that right? Unfortunately, the body fat storing ability of human has out of dated.
We just need to store a little bit of body fat, not much.
You actually use lesser energy due to the advancement of today technology.
Even the amount of calorie that is consumed in a complete marathon distance (42.
196 km) is only 2400 kilo calories.
While 7200 kilo calories are stored in 1kg of body fat.
That is: 300gram of body fat can make us to complete 1 round of marathon.
So, the perfect solution is to reprogram our body fat storing function, make it up to dated.
But it is impossible to do so with today's technology.
You might think positively also.
In the ancient time, the fatty people have more benefit over the skinny one.
The ancient people love to be fat.
The recent world is no such thing, no more! We are thinking of the skinny is better and healthier.
If you are fat, you can assume you should be popular in ancient time, just to make your life easier..
You are just not born in the right time, it is a timing error.
It's good to think positively, act positively.
But it's totally out of phrase here.
Today science proved that most of the diseases come from obesity, and a lot of people dead because of it.
Slimming is aimed to get a healthier life; the pretty appearance is just a side effect of it.
So, start from now, put much more effort on to slimming career.
I know you can make it.
But the fact is, most of you will fail!.
Why? Do you use the right methods? There are actually 3 main categories of body slimming methods:
  • exercise
  • diet
  • surgery
All of these above have pros and cons itself, it is depend on your personal condition to chose up.
Exercise and diet will be the first choice, as it provide virtually no side effect, but a bit time consuming and require a lot of efforts and commitment.
If you really want to speed up the process, just combine exercise and diet together with some creditable diet supplement.
With today technology, the field of surgery has experienced a great advancement.
You can definitely change your appearance into any you prefer, with low risk.
However, in personally, I highly not to recommend the surgery way of slimming.
Surgery would lead a lot of undesired results if you are not good luck enough.
I am not a licensed doctor, I can not give out more information about that.
But, always try out exercise and diet before consider surgery.

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