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Online Marketing - Personal Experiences of Article Submission Sites

This is the third in a series of articles detailing my personal experiences in internet marketing.
Article Submission Wherever you are reading this article the chances are you already know a fair bit about article sites.
You may be reading this on the original source site or an affiliate who have syndicated the article.
The fact you are reading the article is proof enough that article marketing has value.
I'm relatively new to this marketing avenue and am far from being an expert but for what it's worth this is my approach.
When I write an article I try to create content which is relevant to my own experience.
I write what I know.
At the very least if I make an incorrect statement someone may post a response to correct me.
I'm also here because I want to inform people about my own websites.
Let's be honest I want traffic but not any old traffic.
I want people who are interested in my niche area.
So my content is relevant to my own websites.
I try to learn and follow the guidelines outlined by the article submission site.
They generate plenty of traffic and following the rules can help prevent an article from rejection hell.
Some article sites allow links within content whilst some prefer pure text.
I would submit unique articles to both although when the content is syndicated the articles with links may benefit you more in the long run.
Links on an article site with good page rank can help with search engines indexing your site.
So concentrate on posting your articles to those sites.
Any decent article submission site will have an author profile box where you can include personal blog and official business links.
The article should be a minimum of 400 words and be written naturally.
By this I mean avoid the process where you deliberately repeat keywords over and over again.
Search engines have long since established Algorithms to determine good content from spam and a naturally written article will give a better experience to the humans you are targeting.
Try not to write articles on dated topics like football results.
Although this may give you higher hits in the short term, over a longer period of time the article will become obsolete.
A well written article on a popular topic will generate hits and traffic to your site, it will aid attempts to increase Google page rank (as part of an ongoing SEO campaign) and it will establish an online presence in your specific field.
A good article can take as little as 30 minutes to write and can provide real benefits for years to come.
Good luck and remember an article is for life not just for Christmas.

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